Devotional for Week of December 29, 2014

Proverbs 13:10 – “Where there is strife, there is pride, but wisdom is found in those who take advice.”

Wisdom is something that I am ever-seeking, so when I came across this verse I knew I needed to look more closely.  As I first read this I said, “OK, yeah I get that.  But I feel like I experience both ends of this.”

As I began to look a little closer and research a little more I learned some things.  Until the last few years I’ve always considered pride a good thing, because I didn’t realize there was an additional meaning.  To me pride has always been “a feeling of happiness that you get when you or someone you know does something good, difficult, etc.” as Merriam-Webster puts it.  But as I’ve read through the Bible I’ve discovered the other meaning that is “a feeling that you are more important or better than other people” as Merriam-Webster defines.

By looking at each of these definitions I realize that I have experienced pride in each sense of the word, and the latter usually leads to strife.  There are times I seek out advice, but I often struggle to do so.  I know there is much for me to learn, but I’ve found very few teachers that I’d consider worthy over the years.

I need to put forth the effort to not only find quality teachers, but also to allow myself to be taught by anyone I come in contact with.  Historically I have been someone who learns from his experiences, but I haven’t always given the people around me the chance to teach me something.  What they teach me may not always be what I want to be taught, but knowledge gained is still knowledge gained.

Prayer:  Lord, thank you for the gifts and talents you’ve given me, and thank you for the gifts and talents you’ve given all members of mankind.  Lord, please help me to humble myself when with others.  I may consider myself an intelligent person, but help me remember that I still need to learn and help me see that I can learn from anyone.


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