Voting for My Children

Here in the U.S. this week it’s time to get out and vote.  I’ve long been a proponent of voting, because I truly believe that each individual vote matters.  When you see the total tallies it may not always appear that way in presidential or even state-wide elections, but if you look at the votes in individual precincts or for smaller proposals it’s different.  Each vote visibly matters in those elections.

So I’ve always been interested in voting and being an informed voter, but since becoming a parent I’ve started thinking about voting a little differently.

It’s easy to see certain correlations between choices we make as parents and the effects on our children.  If we choose to home school or choose a private school or a public school, then we know it will alter our child’s life.  But what about who we vote for and how we make our decisions on proposals?  Some of those decisions could lead to immediate changes in the world around our children, and some could lead to a butterfly effected change in the future lives of our children.

Researching the Repercussions

I normally research before I vote.  I know the campaign ads and I recognize names on the ballots, but that’s not enough for me.  I want to know what changes my vote could lead to and what changes my vote could help avoid.

I’ll be honest.  This year I haven’t done nearly the research I’d like to, but I know that before I cast my votes on Tuesday I will be researching every item on my ballot.  I will seek out the info I need to make the votes I believe in.

A Future and a Hope

I want to give my children the best future that’s possible, and I realize now that the way I vote—and the way I respond to voting—can affect that future.  So for the next couple of days I will research the candidates and the proposals.  Then on Tuesday I’ll vote for a brighter future for my children.




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