Dear Readers, I’ve Been Slacking. I’m Sorry.

Some of you may have been wondering, “Where has DADandFATHER been lately?” but I’m guessing for most of you that’s not true.  In fact, you are only now realizing that I haven’t been posting as regularly as I had been.  Either way I feel you deserve an explanation for why I’ve been slacking lately, so here are the …

Top 5 Reasons I’ve Been Slacking on This Blog Lately

5.     Good old procrastination. I’ve consistently thought about this blog, and the posts I plan to make, but in the end I’ve been deciding that the blog can wait while I do other things.  The other things are what make up the rest of this list.

4.     I’ve been soooooooooo tired. Between work, the warm temperatures, and the other things on this list I have felt quite exhausted lately.

3.     Family time. My wife and I have been attempting to make changes wherever we can to find more time to be together one-on-one and together with our children.  Sometimes that means sacrifices have to be made.

2.     I fell into a gigantic emotional hole. Tough times are all around us, and I let the ones I was facing take me down.  This was a brief hindrance, but nonetheless it was a hindrance.  Thankfully, through time with God and conversations with my wife I was able to leap from that hole.

1.     A broken water line. So on top of the emotional hole I was in I also found myself in a literal hole in the ground for far more time than I would like to ever be (and I’ve been fixing golf course irrigation for 12 years).  We had a water line break in the front yard of our “investment property”, so over the course of 9 days we dug, fixed, tested, dug, dug, dug, clamped, cut, fixed, and backfilled.  The pipe was 5’ 8” below ground, and the clay at the bottom was like concrete.  It was a not-so-fun time.  This water line took up most of our free time and even cost us each a couple of days of work, but now it is fixed and the hole is filled in, and we can resume life.


So, this blog has been lacking, but now it will return to regularly scheduled programming.  Tune in tomorrow for my latest attempt at humor through the weekly Top 5 list.


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