Devotional: Week of July 7, 2014

Psalm 90:12 – “Teach us to realize the brevity of life, so that we may grow in wisdom.” (NLT)

I feel like there are two key points in this verse, but for much of my Christian life I have only focused on one of them.  The first half of this verse has been reworded and repurposed throughout time within various stories.

There are plenty of sayings like: we should enjoy each day like it’s our last and we should enjoy every moment because we never know when they will stop.  These have the same general idea as the beginning of this verse, but Moses reminds us that we don’t always have another day to go into.  We need to be reminded that God has given us a set number of days, and we need to determine how to best use our days—especially the day we have now.

I know there were many days in my past that weren’t used to the best of my abilities.  So I can only hope that as I move forward I, more often than not, use the days in a way that will best serve God and the people around me.

I’ve often overlooked or even ignored the second portion of this verse.  As I look at it now I wonder how I could do that, because I love the ideas of developing and gaining wisdom.  This portion reminds us that beyond living each day like it matters we also need to learn and seek out knowledge each day.  Every day that we have has been gifted to us, therefore each day that we have is a day we can use to gain wisdom about ourselves, those around us, the world we live in, and, most importantly, about God.

So each day we need to set aside time to look at the world around us, be part of the world around us; and we need to set aside time to be one-on-one with our creator, with the one has given us a purpose, to seek out what Moses sought as he wrote this psalm.  We need to seek out the wisdom that comes as we give value to each of our days.

PRAYER:  Lord, please remind me each morning that the day I have before me is a gift.  Help me to see how I can add value to today and give me the strength and motivation to act accordingly.


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