Devotional: Week of June 30, 2014

Matthew 7:7—Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

This is a verse that has brought about a variety of interpretations.  When I first came across this verse years ago I was tempted to question my faith, because if all I needed to do was to ask than why have I not yet received what I’ve requested?  If I just need to look for it, then I will find it?  Then why am I still searching?  In my mind at the time it was a logical step for me to begin doubting what I’d come to know.  If I’m to have faith in an almighty God that can do anything, then why isn’t this verse holding true?

It took some introspection and maturing to see that the three components are not meant to be separated. I couldn’t simply ask and expect the answer I wanted. I couldn’t point my eyes in the “right” direction to see what I wanted. And I couldn’t simply knock on any door and expect it to fly open to disclose my treasure inside. The process is more involved than that.

Instead of asking for what I wanted I needed to ask God for permission and guidance as I began to seek out what I desired. Then, after aligning with God and approaching the right door, then I could knock. And when I knock at the right door after taking the right path to the door that’s when the door opens to give me what I’ve wanted.

It may not be what I originally thought I wanted, but by the end I’ve realized my true desire and it has been provided for me. God will freely give you what you require, and will show you how to search your heart for the purest desires within you.

Prayer:  God, I thank you for your gentleness and your grace. I thank you for caring so much about me that you will tell me “no” when I need to hear it. I ask that this week you help shine light on the path you’d like me to take. Please help me find the right questions to ask and the right doors to knock at.


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