New Game for Parents and Toddlers: “The Why Game”

For the last few weeks I’ve been playing a game with our oldest — I call it “The Why Game”. She is firmly entrenched in the why phase, so one day I thought it may be entertaining to try to answer all of her inquiries instead of giving her the frustrated “because” or “because I said so.”

It turned out to be really fun, and I realized it provides other value as well. I noticed that by answering Mikaela I was getting more interactive time with her, she was learning there are numerous possible responses to why, and I was getting a mental workout.  Since we often play while I’m driving it’s like having my brain do sprints while juggling. It’s interesting.

So over the following few days I decided to formulate a scoring system to determine who wins or loses. However, I have not yet begun to keep track of who is winning and I doubt I ever will. Anyway, the basic rules of the game are as follows:

Objects of the Game:

  • To spend quality parent-child time
  • To expand a child’s understanding
  • To improve a parent’s improvisational skills
  • To have fun

Supplies Needed: 

  • A child that frequently asks why
  • A parent willing to engage with the child

Order of Play:  The game begins when the parent says something seemingly mundane and clear, but in return is met with a child’s response of “why?”.  At this point the parent must realize they are fully immersed in “The Why Game” and direct their focus accordingly.

Each time the child responds with “why?” the parent must respond with a valid and reasonable response.  “Because” and “because I said so” are not valid responses.

Winning the Game:  Each side has a fair opportunity to win “The Why Game”, and each side has more than one way to win.

The child wins if the parent is unable to think of a valid response to the latest question.  The child also wins if the parent neglects to answer the question.

The parent wins if the child can no longer keep up with the responses and therefore stops asking “why?”  The parent also wins if they reach a point where logic dictates victory, because the child can no longer reasonably ask why.  The parent also wins if the child stops asking “why?” and instead responds with “ok” or “oh”.

Tallying Score:  This has yet to be done, but it seems that a tally sheet attached to the passenger-side visor would be a valid option as much of this game tends to take place while driving.


I hope you all can find enjoyment through “The Why Game” as well.  Please comment if you try it to let me know how it goes for you.

Minor Notes About the Blog

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I would be adding Top 5’s on Fridays, Devotionals on Mondays, and Current Events pieces on Sundays.  I have been 67% successful to this point.  In light of this, and an upcoming boom in my daily activities, I am going to hold off on the Current Events pieces.  I will still post two standard blog posts a week (Sunday and Wednesday) as well as the Top 5’s and Devotionals, but the Current Events pieces take much more time (if I’m to do them right).

Also, be sure to check back next Sunday for the debut of my wife’s monthly guest post here on


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