Changing How I Blog

Today I begin a new journey with my blog. Yes my blog still has that new car smell as it just debuted in April, but I think it’s time to expand on what I’ve been doing.

I set out to do a weekly blog about being a dad and father to my children in hopes that I could help some other parents along the way. I knew from the start I would want to increase the frequency of my posts, but wasn’t sure if I could fill my editorial calendar with enough quality posts.

Over the past couple weeks–when I haven’t had time to sit down for a post–I’ve been thinking. I realize now that I want this blog to be a full reflection of me. My goal is still to help parents, especially dads, find answers and hear stories that may help them be better for their kids. My goal now is simply to expand on how I do this.

I’m setting myself up for a lot more work, but I love the work of the writing process, and I look forward to this challenge. My website,, will now have different pages for the different areas I plan to cover, and each day will have a specific type of post (with a couple days off each week).

So as I begin this new direction for this blog I will be sharing more of who I am through the type of posts I write. Mondays I will post a devotional for parents to help start their week pointed in the right direction. Wednesdays I will post along the same vein I previously have–parenting/dad stories and tips. Fridays I will post a Top 5 list–expect these to be a bit ridiculous and possibly silly. Sundays I will post about current events in the news, because I feel an informed society is a better society.

In the future I will also add in a week or month in pictures section that shows what my phone says I’ve been up to. And lastly I’ve asked my amazing wife, Bettina, to guest post once a month.

Thank you for bearing with me as I explain the future changes of this blog. I’m looking forward to what these changes may bring.


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