Mother’s Day and the Need for an Extension

This Sunday is the day we honor those that give birth, breath, and life to the children of this world.  We recognize their struggles, we celebrate their wisdom, and we take them to brunch.

Most of us realize that the role of mother, though filled with perks, is loaded with hardship and therefore is the hardest career any human can have.  We are reminded by our calendars and our phones to annually recognize mother’s with a hearty “Happy Mother’s Day”, yet what are we to do the other 364 (365 in a leap year) days of the year?

We have no reminders on glossy paper or on-screen, so what do we do when it isn’t the calendar-marked Mother’s Day?

We must still honor, respect, encourage, celebrate, love, and cherish the mothers of our world.  Tell them—your wife, your mother, your whomever—that you value them.  Show them they matter to you.

Husbands, Read Here

Husbands, take some time today to make a list of ways that your wife has blown you away as a mother; list how she has shown you her value as a mother to your children.  Don’t stop writing until you run out of ink or battery life or stone tablets.  This list should not be a simple Top 5, so put some effort into it.  Once you have this list, keep it!  Hold onto it and remember her greatness each day.  Better yet, share one item a day with her to show her you care.  Show her you see what she does.  Make her feel your appreciation.


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