Kids Outgrow … Everything!

I knew going in that my little ones would eventually grow beyond their newborn onezies (who am I kidding? Newborn sizes didn’t fit them), but I didn’t realize it would be this fast.  They have each moved well beyond that in size, but more shocking to my system has been how they’ve progressed as little people.

For years I heard people talk about the milestones of their children, but didn’t give much thought to how it would happen.  I read books and articles that talked about what a child should be doing at a certain age and how soon they might progress from that point.  Yet I never let that stuff sink in.

I knew changes were coming, but I didn’t realize they would come so fast and so close together.  I must have thought I would be able to flip a switch to allow those changes, but instead there was no switch.  I had no say.  My girls began to grow up even before we brought them home.  They were going to grow and change whether I was ready or not.

Where are They Now?

Our oldest, Mikaela, has decided that she isn’t satisfied with how much she has amazed us in the past, so she is now doing whatever she can to learn every day—it’s really cool to see.  She is also firmly entrenched in a battle with the potty that she seems determined to win (so I’m sure she will).  Mikaela is also doing what she can to help take care of baby sister.  For example she tells Juliet, “Use the other side, silly girl,” when Juliet uses her cup upside down.  And soon—I’m not sure just how soon—she will blow my mind with some other monumental milestone moment that I’m not even expecting.

Juliet, our youngest, just turned 11 months old yesterday.  As is expected with a  second child she has progressed a bit ahead of her sister in some areas and she is a little behind her sister in other areas.  Most recently she has decided that walking is what cool kids do and since she’s cool it’s time for her to walk too.  She still crawls as her primary method of transportation, but unassisted walking has definitely entered the rotation.  Juliet is also starting to help with cleanup when I ask her to, so that’s been really good to see.

What I Planned is Not What I Said

When I originally planned out this blog post I was going to focus on the fact that our daughters had each been working through a weaning process at the same time:  Juliet has switched off of formula and Mikaela is cutting down on diaper usage.  I was going to talk about the stress involved in going through these at the same time, and I was going to talk about the financial savings these changes will bring.  But ultimately I realized that the weaning was only part of the story, and so this blog changed a little bit without me really having a say.  It became something new without me flipping a switch.


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