Welcome to DAD and FATHER!

Thank you for checking out this blog. I hope you find it useful, enjoyable, and at least somewhat worth your time. I’m hoping this blog will provide a place for dads to unite and learn together. I am by no means an expert in being a dad, but I’d like to be part of a resource that provides insight and inspiration for today’s generation of dads. I hope to use guest bloggers, outside resources, personal stories, and other sources to get this blog to a point that helps dads be the type of dad they want to be. For more information on me, my family, and this blog please check out the About page of this blog.

Since you’re just getting to know me I’ll let you ease into reading. I don’t want to overwhelm you on the first date, so I’ll keep this week’s post short.

Thinking Spring

Despite the fact that gloomy cold filled Michigan today I couldn’t help but think of Spring. As a kid I loved Spring, because that meant recess would be outside and another soccer season was starting. It’s not my favorite season, but it’s a close second.

Today, I look forward to Spring because I can take my girls outside to play. With this in mind I started a list of things I hope to do with my girls this Spring.  My list involved things like the zoo, the metro park’s trails, sitting by a lake somewhere, and simply going on walks around the neighborhood.  Of course Spring means yard work starts up again too, so maybe it’s time I brainstorm how to involve my girls in that as well—they’re 27 months and 10 months.


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